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 Do you worry that being  second-language  English may be holding you back?

 I know from experience what it's like to feel disadvantaged due to not being a native English speaker.

Now I use my 20+ year experience in International TV news to help second-language English journalists, broadcasters and public speakers overcome the linguistic and cultural challenges of not having English as their mother tongue. 

I will help you communicate more clearly, effectively and confidently in English, whether it's for a keynote speech, a TV interview or just to feel more comfortable in a business meeting. Because of, and not despite, your foreign accent.

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Learn The 8 Challenges Facing Second Language English Broadcasters & Public Speakers And How To Overcome Them

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Who is Barbara Serra?

I am an Italian-born, London-based, award-winning journalist, TV news presenter and author with 20+ years experience working for the world’s leading news broadcasters.

Currently a news anchor for Sky News and a freelance writer, I’ve been a presenter/reporter for the BBC, Al Jazeera English and Channel 5 news, where I became the first non-native English speaker to present a prime-time news programme on British TV.

As one of the very few second-language English broadcasters to have worked at the highest level of British and International news, I’m passionate about how the use of English as the global language impacts the international news narrative. I firmly believe greater inclusion of non-native English speakers is essential for journalism, as well as many other fields, to be considered truly diverse and representative.


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